Friday, September 12, 2008

Mania Featured in Baltimore City Paper

Mania Music Group has been featured in baltimore Citypaper (link). With mention of the upcoming MONTH OF MANIA. You can find the article by following the link below.
(Click here)-->Mania featured in Baltimore City Paper

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MMG's Brandon Lackey scores movie

Mania's co-owner and producer Brandon lackey scored the upcoming 2009 movie "Sister Switch," starring Different world's Kadeem Hardison a.k.a Dwayne Wayne and baltimore's up-and-coming young startlet Neenah Taylor.

The movie directed by Terrance Colvin of 24k black movies production is set to release in february, 2009. The score of the movie features original instrumental tracks by Brandon lackey and Dwayne Lawson, and also songs from the different artist's of mania, such as "Biggest Fan" by Midas, "Boulevard" by Ron G, and "Party in your face" by Kane. All these songs are included on the ManiaMusicGroup sampler, which is free for download on the website. Look out for more coming out of mania. The sky ain't the limit.

Mania Artists at sonar

AT the sonar on 09/11/2008, mania artist Kane, supported by co-artist Midas, will be a featured act for the Ground Zero urban music showcase hosted by the unstoppable nukleheadz.

This show gives the opportunity for up-and-coming artists and labels to showcase their work in the spirit of competition. Also participating in this event is Mania's own co-owner and producer, Dwayne Lawson a.k.a headphonez, in the panel of judges that will be deciding on the finalists and winners. Drop by this thursday and show your support and encouragement for Baltimore hiphop. PEACE!!!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

October declared the "Month of Mania"

October is the Month of Mania. Each week, we will be offering free downloads on the label's website, including solo EPs from each artist.
This is a welcome present to the fans, because taking is not what we are do here at mania.

The theme of the releases will be centered around Baltimore club music and old-school hip-hop. So mark your calendars with red ink, because we hope to give you a red october.

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