Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mania Music Group producers receive another Best of Baltimore award

Mania Music Group owners and producers Dwayne "Headphones" Lawson and Brandon "Bealack" Lackey have been acknowledged directly this year as Baltimore's best beat makers for 2010 by the Baltimore City Paper.

This is the second consecutive year Mania Music Group has received a "Best of Baltimore" award following the 2009 award for "Best Label".

"Mania Music Group’s dynamic personalities make it easy to forget in-house producers Dwayne “Headphones” Lawson and Brandon “BeaLack” Lackey, but the brilliance of Mania’s debut album, Welcome to the Audience, hinges on the production duo’s sprawling approach to beatmaking."


From all of us at Mania Music Group, we thank our fans for their continued support and look forward to more great music in the future.