Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kane Mayfield's EP "Prelude to the Blade Runner" gets reviewed on Governement Names

Drop by the Government Names blog, hosted by Al Shipley, and check out the review of Kane's recent EP "Prelude to the BladeRunner." If you have some thoughts on it too, feel free to drop us some lines of insight.

the review article can be found here:

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Wow! Even the Baltimore Examiner is talking about Mania

For article link: Click HERE
Mania must be doing something right. Maybe its just good music. Well, Brian Hosley a fellow musician / writer for the examiner takes his time to mention the month of mania and expresses his amazement as to how the music can be given away for FREE.
He also says, and I quote "The group prides itself on their dedication to originality, consistently breaking with mainstream currents to develop songs that are true expressions of their artists’ personalities." This sums it all.
In case you do not get a chance to read the article (here), there is also mention of the upcoming "Lunatic Fringe" track, set for release on Halloween.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rapman Ron-G's New EP "LUNCH" has been served

In conclusion of the month of mania, Maniamusicgroup is serving you "Lunch", the name of the new Rapman Ron-G's EP. If the EP was a meal, Ron-G cooks up the meanest gourmet-soul food, meaning you get the best ingredients with a home-style delivery. For a youngster, Ron-G drops heavy-weighted messages like a sage, but plays with his vocals on the instrumentals like a kid in a sandbox to balance out the tone of seriousness he brings to the table. If you want to know what to expect of the future of hiphop, go to or get it directly from here, download and listen to Ron-G's EP "Lunch," You will be well fed.
Pardon the puns

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Midas is "Live from the Arcade", his new EP is CRAZY!!!

Many people use the word unique, but Midas chose to spell it out with every track on his new EP called "Live From The Arcade." There absolutely is nothing like it or even close to it for many miles from baltimore, so you might as well give it a try, Maniamusicgroup must be crazy to let it out for FREE!!!
Download it at the website or just follow this link "Live from the arcade"

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Month of Mania releases Kane Mayfield

With the EP "Prelude to the bladerunner," ManiaMusicGroup proudly presents Kane Mayfield, "The bladerunner."

In order to grasp the simple complexity of the individual, I suggest that you listen to the tracks on the EP, I mean REALLY LISTEN... you just might get it!!!

Download it @, or just click on the links above IT's FREE!!!

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Baltimore is looking

Check out the review article from AL shipley on the new ManiamusicGroup mixtape and the month of mania. Be on the lookout for the next release. VIVA LA MANIA!!!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Mania Music Group Mixtape is out!!! FREE

Mania Music Group in the spirit of the month of mania, has released their first mixtape, featuring Midas, Ron G, and Kane Mayfield in an impromptu jam session, flaunting their exquisite lyrical accumen on familiar hiphop tracks. Go to and download the mixtape for free. ENJOY!!!

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