Monday, January 26, 2009

The Examiner examines the person behind the art, Dappa Dan!!! Midas

Brian Hosley of the Examiner had a sit down with Midas and came up with a very insightful biographical article of how he and his musical style came about. He even reveals the fact that Midas grew up listening to soul music. I bet that little tidbit explains the uniqueness in Midas's sound. Drop by the Examiner and get to know the musical genius in the making, just follow this link "MIDAS - THE EXAMINER"

Viva La Mania!!!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting to know Rapman Ron G @

As the hiphop spotlight begins to turn towards the DMV, it is inevitably going to shine on baltimore thus illuminating the best talents, that is exactly how found the Rapman Ron G center-stage with tracks like "Grind," "I heard about it," and "Blvd." Take a visit to to see the article, and also drop by the website to download Ron G's Ep and works for FREE!!! Enjoy
Viva La Mania!!!

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